Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Protecting children online: Have your say

 The Government recently launched its consultation into how best to protect children from harmful content online.  The Government wants to know what the country thinks about this so that it can formulate a new online safety policy.

This represents an enormous opportunity for real change and we hope that people across the country will let the Government know their views on the importance of protecting the next generation.

To help you do this we have developed this website which will enable you to respond with your views quickly and easily. is a one-stop-shop website where you can find facts about the issues, links to key resources and a response form to enable you to have your say. 

The consultation closes on 6th September so it’s vital that we let as many people know about this as soon as possible. 
Please consider emailing it to your friends and contacts and linking to us via Facebook and Twitter.

 We have a briefing paper on the consultation for those who are not online and would like to respond.  Please contact us for a copy.

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