Friday, 11 February 2011

Education or titillation? Part 2

Numerous people wrote to Ofcom and Channel 4 expressing their concern about The Joy of Teen Sex.  This week their concerns were echoed those of health professionals and youth workers including Dr Stuart Flanagan, who features on Radio 1's Sunday Surgery, and agony aunt Dr Petra Boynton,

They said the programme’s producers had not acted responsibly and they expressed a number of concerns about the programme’s content including the use of incorrect information and unreliable statistics and inadequate attention to respect, romance and affection.

They wrote: “We are concerned the Commissioners and Channel Four have not shown due diligence over this series. It seems to be fitting a pattern of programme development where viewing figures are prioritised over empowerment but where programmes are still marketed as ‘educational’.”

It has also emerged that the programme's resident "sex coach" is actually a sex-toy saleswoman and the presenter, who was initially billed as a social worker, is now referred to as having a degree in social work: she isn't yet in receipt of her social work qualifications.

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