Friday, 1 October 2010

Seen an indecent display? Make your voice heard.

We are convinced that the display of sexually graphic material is a contributing factor to the premature sexualisation of children which are seeing in our society today.

At present retailers have a voluntary code regarding where publications with adult content on their covers are displayed.   However, we are concerned that this isn’t being adhered to and children continue to be exposed to images which they are emotionally unequipped to deal with.

We believe the problem to be widespread but there are no reliable statistics to go on.  In minutes obtained through a freedom of information request the newspaper and magazine supply chain industry group also appeared to be unclear about the scale of the problem. 

We think it’s important that we find out and children are protected from these inappropriate displays of adult material.

Make your concerns heard

We have been working closely with the Front Page Campaign on this issue and we have come up with an easy way for you complain if you have seen a newspaper or a magazine with a sexually explicit cover which has been inappropriately displayed.

  • If you’re not sure how to go about complaining
  • If you’re worried about speaking out.
  • If you’ve tried to complain but the response has been unsatisfactory

By filling in an online complaints form here we can raise your concern with the retailer on your behalf and we can also keep a record of how widespread this problem actually is.  If you have already complained to a retailer please do register your complaint so that we can add it to our figures.

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