Thursday, 23 September 2010

Is the watershed working?

A new report on the commercialization of childhood was published this week.  Commissioned by the Mothers’ Union the report detailed the impact of advertising and marketing on children’s happiness.

The researchers questioned 1,004 parents of children under 18 and two-thirds of them thought television, films, magazines and the internet made children sexually aware at a younger age than they would be otherwise.  Some 67% of the parents questioned thought that the watershed was not being adhered to and unsuitable content was broadcast prior to 9pm.

This doesn’t come as any surprise but does raise questions about the Broadcasting Code’s assertion that programmes should conform to ‘generally accepted standards’; this survey suggests that they are not doing so.

Over the summer we saw a survey from the BBC which found that people didn’t mind TV violence - although they only asked 300 people, some of whom were under 18.  Ofcom also published a survey in which they found that viewers didn’t mind swearing – this time they only asked 130, this time from ‘minority groups’.

If you are concerned that what you've seen on television has fallen short of the acceptable standard please do take the times to let the broadcaster know; if you don't your silence will be taken as approval of what is shown and nothing will change.  Our website has all the emails, address and numbers that you need to get in touch with broadcaster. 

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